4 No B.S Ways to Earn Money Online: Read this After You Tried Everything Else

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Internet is now plagued with misleading information, especially for the newbies, because anyone who knows better would, at best, ignore that information. What worries me is that for people who don’t know much, any information would still be valid and they might actually take action thereby wasting plenty of time, effort and sometimes money too. Here are some sure, no hype, no B.S ways of making money online:

  1. Providing Services/Freelancing/telecommuting etc: One of the fastest ways to see some money coming in is to do what you are good at. Providing services to those who can’t what you can do with ease is a sure shot way of getting started online. For example, I am a freelance writer and I saw tremendous success by providing my services online. I started out ghost-writing(writing and then relinquishing all copyrights to the client, so I don’t get any credits) and I still do. However, I did spread my fingers into e-book writing, report writing, tech writing, etc. Some of my friends provide other services like designing e-covers for ebooks, web site design, graphic design, etc. Services can be of any type, but the point is that it is the smartest and a guaranteed way to start making some money online.

  2. Affiliate Marketing/Internet Marketing: Sometimes, the prospect of making your own products might seem to be an intimidating task in itself. Internet and technology allows you to do something easier: sell other people’s products or services for a commission. But because people will only buy from whom they trust, you can’t just put up affiliate links and implore them to click, because they won’t. You will have to gain their trust and the best way to do that is to give them correct, engaging and trustworthy information. That takes me to my next point.

  3. Becoming an Infopreneur: Providing information might not make you money instantly, unless you start charging for some kind of a course you started online ( which is a good idea, if you know something most people don’t, by the way), but it surely lays down a foundation for you to monetize and earn money later. When you have people searching for the information you seem to be able to provide, monetize your information platforms – be it membership sites, forums, websites, etc – is only secondary.

  4. E-commerce: A rather direct and simple way of earning money online is to sell digital or physical products online by either selling them on ebay or by putting up your own store(s). There are plenty of options and other ways of selling too – for instance, if you don’t have anything to sell physically, you could use a drop-shipping company( which packs, ships and collects payments a portion of which comes to you).

Serious Notes:

  • All of the above ways of earning money are broad aspects and there are plenty of ways of going about each one of those 4 aspects of earning money online.

  • None of the above ways of earning money are “easy” or “become a millionaire stuff”. All of them require immense amount of dedication, perseverance and the will to follow through.Read ” How To Get Rich While Still Young” at rebelpreneur.com to get a knock on your head.

  • If you are looking for the easy way to earn money, you are still under an aging pre-historic rock. Crawl out and realize that there is no such thing, because millionaires aren’t fools.


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