The Positive And Negative Effects of Humans Living Longer

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Medicine has had a positive effect on the population during the last 10,000 years.  Ayurveda, was the first ancient study of medicine created by Hindus. Nowadays, medicine is still used and takes a very important role in our community. As technology and the knowledge of the human body are developing, the medical technology is improving adequately resulting in a healthier and longer life. As we are alive we are both contributing and harming the environment amazingly.  However, in the near future our positive affects on the environment will out rule our negative affects on the environment exceedingly.

We have now started to get our act together concerning the environment. We are now recompensing for our mistakes and harm to the environment; we have started many campaigns to plant trees, we even have a day devoted to planting a tree (National Tree Day 27th July). We are planting tree’s in order to lower our greenhouse gas emissions, however, not directly; i.e. I produce 1 tonne of Green House gas every year, I plant one broad leaved tree and that plant “absorbs” approximately 1 tonne of Green House gas in its lifetime of 100 years. Therefore, I only need to plant 1 tree for every year I am alive, all I have to do is to participate in the National Tree day every year.

The use of new and different energy sources is a positive step to lowering our affects on global warming. We are researching and developing some new energy sources, some have been already made i.e. solar power, wind power and hydro-electricity. The conservation of endangered species is also another step forward towards sustaining the environment.

The conservation of endangered species is vital due to the medicinal, agricultural, ecological, commercial and aesthetic/recreational values. We are doing a lot to save endangered species; we are creating breeding programs for species on the verge of extinction, saving the species environment and helping ill animals become healthy again. Endangered species must be protected and saved so that future generations can experience their presence and value.

The protection of the O-zone layer is vitally important to life because it absorbs biologically harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation emitted from the Sun. Many companies have combated the problem by removing the CFC’s (chloro-fluoro-carbons) in their products and replacing it with HCFC’s (hydro-chloro-fluoro-carbons), compounds containing at least 1 Hydrogen atom. The Carbon-Hydrogen bond makes these compounds more reactive in the atmosphere so they are destroyed more quickly and so are less able to diffuse into the stratosphere. Thinning the ozone layer may not directly affect the generation growing up today; future generations depend on the actions taken now.

We can improve conservation of precious natural resources such as forests. We can also save money through buying new products less often if we recycle. We are recycling metals, plastics, glass – everything. We have a recycling plant in every city. We recycle in order to decrease the number of people polluting the environment. Pollution of the environment may result in mass extinction of animals.

Not all humans are doing the right thing. Some of us are destroying the environment. If we continue to destroy the environment we might as well give up living now. It is vital for future generations to come that we sustain the environment for as long as we can and as good as we can. However, sometimes destroying the environment (depletion of Earth’s resources) sometimes has more positives than negatives. We are mining coal, while doing this the miners are making large craters in planet Earth’s surface resulting in instability of the Earth’s surface.

Polluting the air is going to severely affect future generations. We are polluting the air with Carbon Di-oxide (CO2) with objects including factories, cars and trucks resulting in a lower life expectancy of human beings and an increase of global warming.

Polluting the ground is killing species. We are polluting the ground with unwanted remains of products resulting in death of animals and damage to the environment. Some of the products dumped include noxious industrial waste, petroleum-based fuels chlorinated substances. A large percentage of the nation relies critically on groundwater. If this source is to be contaminated then we have to spend a large sum of money removing the contaminants and making it a sustainable ground water supply.

Obliterating plants is a negative step towards lowering our damage to the environment. We are destroying plants in order to make space for crops and land development. We shouldn’t cut many trees and ration our tree usage. We shouldn’t cut down too many trees because they also do good things to our environment they give us oxygen to breathe, therefore, if we cut them all down we will die from suffocation.

Hunting animals near to extinction is a dire step towards keeping the environment sustainable. Animals help keep the environment clean, if we destroy them then the Earth is not going to become a great place to live. Very few of us have been hunting animals to extinction we do this in order to get food. We also destroy animal’s habitats and introduce other animals that prey upon the endangered animals or compete for their resources. When we extinct just one animal, we are breaking one link of the food chain, just by breaking one  link of the food chain we are putting all of the animals above that link in the risk of extinction. A chain reaction in the food chain can be perilous!  Since the food chain provides energy that all living things must have in order to survive, it is imperative that we protect it. We do not always do this on purpose, however, purpose or not, this needs to stop or the future generations to come will only see a fraction of the animals we are seeing today.

It is not too late for change and recompensing our negative affects of existing. New laws are being produced to prevent if not lower the negative affects of humans inhabiting Earth and to increase the positive affects of us existing. If we keep up the positive affects in 1000 years the earth’s environment will be as good if not better than the environment at present.

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