Be Aware to Dogs!

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Dogs are such a lovable pet. They make your day by showing their cute ways to make you happy. They kiss you. They cuddle on your lap. They entertain you by dancing or rolling over. They keep you from getting bored by playing with balls and running around the yard. All these are the great qualities of a dog has, and these are just some of the reasons why dogs are man’s best friend.

After all these memorable moments with your dog, are you aware of the vaccines that they need to take? Do you know that they are required to take these vaccines? If you really care about your dog and your health, you should know all these. Talk to your pets vet for these vaccines and to give you more information.

I watched discovery every night and I saw this series about a dog and a young boy. This boy and his family owned a dog. The boy had been complaining to his mom about his headache, but the mom thought that it is just a mild headache. They went to the doctor when he got weaker and weaker. They found out that a virus is starting to eat the boy’s brain. They cannot do anything but to watch their son get sicker and weaker. These virus came from dog. It was from their waste and it’s mixing with the soil where this boy usually play with their dog. The virus was transferred to his hand and he started touching his face. Few months after, the boy died.

It is necessary to complete these vaccines because they are like human babies, too. They need vaccines to be free from diseases and virus. It is necessary to keep them healthy to avoid virus transmission from them to you, your family, or others.

So for those who are pet lovers or to those who are planning to have one, talk to a vet for these informations. Complete what is needed to complete. Live healthy by keeping everyone healthy.


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