Pen Drives And Getting Rid Of Viruses

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Pen drives have created a world of free travel of files and documents from one location to another. They can give the user the flexibility of a portable durable device with lots of storage space. What they can also give the user is a nasty virus that can infect not only the files on the pen drive but also the files on their computer.

It may not be commonly thought of, but plugging your pen drive into one computer after another, can potentially load it with a virus. These viruses can be contacted by using a public computer, a work computer or even a home computer if it catches a virus and you`re unaware.

Viruses in pen drives spread quickly because many people are unaware until it`s too late, that their pen drive even has a virus. And because they are always being plugged in somewhere, they are easy targets for virus scams and duplication.

If your device becomes infected with a virus you might notice the following things happen; loss of files, new files added and others being deleted simultaneously, or can`t access files or folders… Pen drives are the easiest carrier of viruses.

As soon as you plug it into a USB cable and double click on the icon, the virus can infect your device and can copy the virus right onto your computer. It happens fast and easy and usually you have no idea for a while.

To fix the virus issue you need to disable the auto run on pen drive. You will need to open to start and run then type `gpedit. msc` and press enter. You`re going to click onto administration templates and turn off auto play.

The next step in the process is scanning your data recovery device. You can scan with antivirus software before opening contents into Window. You can also try using freecommender. Just download the program and then open everything using your pen drive. You can check for unusual files and delete them safely.

If you need to back up data to ensure that it is safe you can try inserting the device into a USB connector. Then open the contents by typing the drive letter. Copy the important files from it and close the window. You can format the device later.

To become virus free in your data recovery device there are some steps to take. You should insert the pen drive and double click the computer icon and select tools and then click on the menu bar and click radio button, unclick the boxes to hide protected operating systems. Once it is selected click ok to save changes made.

Type the drive letter and then type; dir/w/o/a/p and enter. You can then delete the files that you need to by typing delete and then pressing the space bar. When you are done eliminating files you then type exit and press enter. After this lengthy process you will be virus free.

Remember that it is not safe to stick your pen drive into just any computer. It is also important to note that a virus scan should be used before you open and files into Window. By playing it safe, you can avoid the hassle of having a virus effect your life!

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