How To Shop Smartly for Healthy Eating

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It’s often said that healthy eating takes too much time in planning and shopping, it and costs too much in the budget. But don’t believe it. Healthy eating can be achieved easily and within a budget by following many of the supermarket survival tips below.

  • Plan menus; then make a list to enable you to recall all necessary food items. Recipe preparation goes much faster when you have all necessary ingredients on hand.
  • Choose fresh as much as possible instead of processed food. Fresh is cheaper and healthier.
  • Take an inventory to avoid buying foods in duplicate, and thereby avoid spending more than necessary.
  • Eat before you shop to prevent the impulse to buy any non-healthy snacks, chips, chocolate bars.
  • Use coupons and comparison shop to save money.
  • Buy store brands or no frills to economize on healthy foods.
  • Buy in bulk or in  larger quantity sizes, if your food storage space allows
  • Read labels to become familiar with the products you buy and eat. The information or labels can help you take advantage of specials by telling you whether the food will fit into your diet.

In reading the ingredient list or food labels, you may come across number words of unfamiliar to you. For example, although a number of ingredients do not contain the word “fat” in their names, they are in fact high on fat content, particularly saturated fat. Such ingredients names include glycerol, hydrogenated shortening, lard, coconut and palm oil.

Any ingredients which contain the word “sodium” should also be noted. The more mention there is of sodium or undesirable fats, the more likely the food should be avoided. The order in which ingredients appear is also important. Listed by weight, an ingredient that appears at the beginning of the list is the ingredient in greatest quantity.


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