How to Maintain Your Diet

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Do you feel you busy schedule doesn’t allow you to follow your diet? Do you seem to have less control over your food choices at social occasions? Help is on the way. It IS possible to diet in all social situations. But remember, no one can do it for you; you must do it yourself to optimize your social situation savvy:

  • Be aggressive. Do not allow people to talk you into eating foods you know you shouldn’t have.
  • Eat a light meal or snack before attending a special function where food is plentiful. By fasting before such a gathering, you tend to eat too much.
  • Do not feel obligated to join the “clean plate club.” Rid yourself of food guilt; you will be doing yourself a favor by helping to make your heart healthy.
  • In restaurants, follow the same guidelines for choosing foods as you would in your own home, when ordering any foods, always request dressings, gravies, and other condiments on the side to enable you to control portion sizes. Be assertive, and be honest with yourself.
  • If you cannot possibly turn down a favorite dessert, eat only half.
  • Keep talking. The more involved your mouth is in conversation, the less occupied it is in eating.
  • As much as possible avoid processed foods and choose fresh vegetables and fruits to increase your vitamins, fiber and complex carbohydrate intake. Balance, variety, and moderation are the basic keys to a healthier living.

In an ideal world, television commercials would urge us not to eat junk food, but promote nutritious foods. Vending machines would contain fruit juices and healthy snacks, rather than sugary soft drinks and fatty candy bars. Labels on all processed foods would boldly state fat, sugar, and salt content. Restaurants specializing in low-cholesterol cuisine would become fashionable all over the country.

As you know, it is far from a perfect world. But you’re learning to re-evaluate your part of t to suit yourself and the needs of your body.


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