Block it out (your life in a haze)

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Is this world so bad and hard for you that you need to escape?

And is it the only answer to this to intoxicate?

It makes me feel like crying and so sad,

When I think of the wasted time and all the memories we could have had.

Do you realize how bad it makes you look?

When you try to walk but need holding up.

And how many occasions while coming down stairs you would fall.

When without the drink you have the confidence to walk alone and stand tall.

Then an ambulance will be called amongst all this confusion.

The chances are under the blood and the bump you have concussion

It’s not very easy to tell what makes you dizzy and sick or what is wrong.

Even the doctors wonder, Is it the bang or the alcohol?

It’s the people around you that love you that suffer.

And the longer this goes on, it gets much tougher.

When most of the time the reason we’re sad and cry.

You don’t even remember, however much you try.

Is it possible for you to see that when you’re drunk, loving you

Is one of the very hardest things to do.

Cos your personality changes so much, if you only knew,

You become a very sad, nasty irritating, you.

You see when you’re drunk you’re not the person I love at all, she’s lost in a haze,

And a blur, a slave to the alcohol and its ways,

I love you so much, but you pull my heart one way then the other.

Especially when I don’t think you’r sure if I’m your brother, sister, friend or mother.

When you fall down you have no pain or fears,

It’s the rest of us that pick you up, mop up the blood and end up in tears.

Do you think that none of us would care or notice?

If you became seriously ill, or died of liver disease or cirrhosis.

When you got married you were such a beautiful bride,

Full of hopes, dreams and pride, with your husband by your side.

It was at that time when you were sober, a happier couple you couldn’t hope for.

So do you see big world out there, its hard not to love and care,

You’ll keep hoping to the end that they’ll get there.

Because you still love them even if you really don’t like them.

Unfortunately that’s the price of alcoholism.

So please get better soon, there’s a big world out there just waiting for YOU


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