What Kind of Parent are You

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What kind of parent are you? Are you the kind that does things the same way you were raised, or are you trying something different? Maybe you are trying to blend both worlds, a little of the past and a little of the now parenting skills.

Now parenting skills are not exactly learned overnight and if you ask anyone most likely they will give you an open opinion on how they would do things. But how would you do things? This is a question you really need to ask yourself when raising healthy children. Start by questioning your own value system, check off a list of do’s and don’ts, It is important to be consistent, but it is okay to find out that one style is not working and to try another. We all learn differently as well, so one child may respond to one way of parenting and your other child or children may need a different approach.

Learn your children’s thinking structure, get down on their level and find out what makes them tick. One way to find out what kind of parent you are is to understand what kind of child you have. Everyone of them will be different to an extent, even if they share common interests. Keep things as consistent as you can once you find out what works. Don’t worry about the on-lookers or naysayers that pass there vacant thoughts and opinions listen to your heart and fallow through. You will be happy that you did for your families sake.

Parenting is hard work, read as much as you can gewt your hands on, self help wise in order to gain tools on being a productive parent. If you are constantly stressed out, chances are your children will not respond to you the way in which you would like. They are probably stressed too! Find out what kind of parent you are and what parenting style suits you best by taking a valid inventory of your likes and dislikes, from what you are willing to accept to what you absolutely do not accept. Lay down the ground rules and go from there. 

Be careful though to weed through the opinions of others. Many people will be more than happy to tell you how to do things with your children. You must be strong and think about the well being of your children and yourself as a parent. Tactics that may work for others may not be your cup of tea at all, and should be best avoided if it would cause any harm to your children or your relationship with your children. There are many parenting approaches and styles, some more favorable than others. Listen to your heart,a dn your better judgment!


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