Chronicles of a single mother~Reading to my children

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There is something inspiring and magical about reading to your children..I find myself getting lost in the pages, reading until they are fast asleep and then some. I could honestly do this for a living if it paid. 

Every night I read to my children, I pray over them and I tuck them in. If another routine becomes distant this one always remains. The fruit of the imagination is pondered and enchanted when images of picturless words trod through the minds of little ones. Whatever they were thinking before any sad thoughts or lost thoughts of the day drift and they are transported into a beautiful valley of tranquil story time.

I remember being read to as a child and how it made me feel safe. My mother before she passed would read to me and passed it on to others. I love books now. I still love to be read too, and I love to read to my children. This to me is a legacy passed down. Something that can be passed down for ages to come and so much good comes from getting lost in a good book.

Lately we have read such books as Peter Pan, Phileas Fog, and many short stories from Grimm and Andersen. Ever-night they have ten minutes to get into there beds, looking, and or reading there own books. then I come up and finish the night with a read. I am noticing how they respond to this routine. It makes them feel safe and loved, engaged and cared for.

When a mother or father reads to their child they create a bond and memories that will be cherished forever. Since I have dedicated myself in this way to my children, they know what to expect and they anticipate it with open ears and minds. I anticipate this time as well. What a wonderful way to draw close to your children. What a wonderful way to show them that you care. 


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