Top Rookie Bats for 2010

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Top 10 rookie bats for one year players:

10-Scott Sizemore, 2b Tigers- He is the reason that Polanco is in Philadelphia. He is assured of a starting job and should get plenty of abs. He has no real fantasy strength, but, he should be a solid back up.

2010 projection: 515 abs, 278 avg, 12 hrs, 56 rbi, 8 sbs, 63 runs

9-Carlos Santana, C Indians- Another prospect who sent an all-star packing. Santana had a big year at double A last year and I expect him to catch 100 games for the young Indians. He may be good enough to take a fliar on if you find yourself without one of the top 6-7 catchers.

2010 projection: 410 abs, 271 avg, 12 hrs, 53 rbi, 2 sbs, 43 runs

8-Buster Posey, C Giants- He would probably be around 4th had Molina not re-signed. However, his bat is so good that the Giants are experimenting with him at first base this spring. I expect him to spend much of 2010 in the minors. If there is an injury to Molina, you will want Posey.

2010 projection: 220 abs, 288 avg, 8 hrs, 27 rbi, 0 sbs, 26 runs

7-Justin Smoak, 1b Rangers- Another prospect that was hurt by free agency. The signing of Vladdy and Chris Davis stand between Smoak and his opportunity to unleash his power in the majors. He is one injury away from rookie of the year contention.

2010 projection: 275 abs, 269 avg, 14 hrs, 37 rbi, 1 sb, 34 runs

6-Logan Morrison, 1b Marlins- A very powerful prospect that definately has 40 hr potential. After an injury plagued 2009, he is flying a little under the radar. However, it is all about opportunity and I think he will get his chance this year.

2010 projection: 365 abs, 271 avg, 14 hrs, 47 rbi, 2 sbs, 43 runs

5-Pedro Alvarez, 3b Pirates- The time has come for Pittsburgh to give him a chance. Together with Andrew McCutchen, Alvarez actually gives the Pirate fans something to be excited about.

2010 projection: 395 abs, 274 avg, 17 hrs, 59 rbi, 4 sbs, 48 runs

4-Desmond Jennings, OF Rays- Another speedster for the Tampa outfield. If you have wondered how good B.J. Upton would be if he had better plate discipline, this guy could show you soon. Unfortunately, I don’t see him breaking into a crowded Rays lineup too much this year. If an injury comes up, he is ready.

2010 projection: 215 abs, 281 avg, 6 hrs, 17 rbi, 8 sbs, 19 runs

3- Mike Stanton, OF Marlins- Stanton is a talented 5 tool prospect that is flying under the radar behind bigger names like Jennings and Heyward. I expect him to show his skill set at the big league level by June. He won’t fly under the radar after that.

2010 projection: 365 abs, 16 hrs, 61 rbi, 7 sbs, 53 runs

2- Alicedes Escobar, SS Brewers- We got a glimpse of what he could do at the end of last year and the Brewers liked it so much that they dealt J.J. Hardy to the Twins. He has the ability to hit for a good average and steal 30 bases.

2010 projection: 556 abs, 286 avg, 4 hrs, 41 rbi, 32 sbs, 92 runs

1- Jason Heyward, OF Braves- What more can you say about this kid? He is just special! Whether he makes the team out of the spring or not, he will be up for good very soon.

2010 projection: 485 abs, 282 avg, 19 hrs, 83 rbi, 13 sbs, 74 runs


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