learning to drive

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I like to drive. Everybody does.

I live to go fast and surprisingly, quite a lot of people seem to like to do that as well.

Yes, we Sri Lankans have always been fascinated with the power under the hood of a car. We’ve always loved to race, to see how fast we can go without doing a flip or smacking into the side of the nearest available bus.

Take us boys, the ‘supposed’ future of our country. We all like speed, the faster the better. Yes, it seems inevitable that whenever a bunch of us meet up the talk always turns to cars, the faster the better. Oh of course we do talk about the usual subject of girls (Boys don’t meet up unless if not to talk about girls anyway) but halfway into the conversation someone will have the gall to mention the word ‘vehicle’ and there you go, we’d be off. Which company is making which model? What is the top speed, the price? What are the features; the plus points and wait, what about the bad points?

Yes, seems to me that it is most likely that them girls will end up finding themselves in the second place for the race to win over a boys mind before very long. I haven’t heard of a boy falling in love with a car yet (well of course yes, but not you know…not in that way) but still yes, chances are that it might happen very very soon.

Take a look at our bus drivers, a very special breed of gentlemen themselves. Our private bus drivers have a way of going fast, very very fast. Of course I don’t have to remind you that all too familiar joke, the one where a politician gives a speech describing their candidate. “He drives straight forward gentlemen” the orator says, “he looked neither right of left as he strives towards his goal, a goal which he is ready to die for. Power or riches could not corrupt him, nor could friend or foe sway him. One goal he had, one all powerful mission…tell me gentlemen, what would you call someone of that character?” and then comes that reply from that all too witty voice in the back row “A private bus driver.”


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