Undue parental Influence

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Most nearly everyone seems to be complaining about how parents have a way of pushing their kids just a little too hard these days. Yes, too many of today’s parents seem to be thinking that the way to their happy hunting ground lies in making sure that their spawn is forced into doing just about everything that it really doesn’t want to do. School, tuition class, Music class, karate class, singing, dancing, elocution, art class, Sunday school – yes, the list of things to do are absolutely endless. Most parents go along with this whole process with the idea that what they are doing is really helping their child, while yet others go along with it just because they want their kid to do exactly what they have planned for them. They choreograph their kid’s life the moment it’s born and do their level best to make sure that the kid is forced into following exactly their choice be it sports, education, girl friends or career.

Just imagine this scene (Act 1 in the drama of any new baby’s life) Mama is in bed with the newborn baby when the brand new daddy charges in from work and declares that he is going to make sure that his new bundle of joy is going to have every opportunity that it can have to make good. Innocent enough though this promise may seem to be, let me assure you that there is quite a darker undertone to it indeed. Chances are that the baby would have started wailing right away if it had any idea as to just what kind of misery that its Pa was lining up for it. (And they do seem to be wailing quite a lot right after they are born, aren’t they? Wonder if it is that they really do have some kind of way of actually understanding what we’re saying)

But anyway, once again I will have to repeat that there is nothing wrong with any parent wanting his kid to grow up to be just like him. (Or maybe a little better) The problems start up only when the parent starts to try just a little too hard.


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