Self help : bettering yourself

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I have nothing against people trying to better themselves – in fact, quite to the contrary indeed. I am one of those people who just happen to think that the human race would never have gotten this far if it wasn’t for at least a few of us who really really wanted to get ahead with their own lives, so much so that they were forced into pulling along the rest of the world to wherever it is that they went.

Yes, the pages of our history books are quite full of people who have strived to do better, great men who (Unlike us!) were kept awake at night with the thought of just what they could do to better their own lives. Well luckily enough for the rest of us at least a few of them did  manage to come up with something by next morning and if some of these very same people had turned out to be characters like Adolf Hitler and our very own Prabha, well we simply couldn’t have foreseen that, could we?

But right, there you go. Whoever it was who had said that hope springs eternal in the human heart was being dead right when he had uttered those words. Hope is what makes us keep going, hope is what makes us change and hope is what makes us stand up every time someone pushes us down. Yes, hope to better ourselves really does seem to be a very good thing indeed, something that keeps us straining forward despite any and every obstacle that may move to stand against us.


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