Soon You’ll Go

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They tell me you’ll die soon. Oh no! it can’t be true

I had so many plans, so much more to do.

There must be a way, something more they can do,

To take away the nightmare so I can stay with you.

After all this time and years spent together.

I’ll never believe it, never ever!

I want to take you with me, and run far, far away

To a distant land, where cancer can’t stay.

I know it’s not real, there’s nothing I can do.

There’s nowhere on earth where I can stay with you,

To shake off this cancer and wave it goodbye

I know I must live with it; there’ll be plenty of time to cry.

I sit and watch you in your bed while you sleep,

This memory I’d like to keep

I sit for a while not wanting to wake you,

The longer you sleep, the better it will make you.

You’re sleeping so much now, your food going unused

The doctor comes to give me yet more news,

“This tumour is growing much quicker than we thought

There is still a few weeks the chemo had bought.”

I’m speechless; there are no words now, just oceans of tears

Does he realise that he confirms my worst fears,

I cry and cry for what seems like hours.

I want to see you but the tears come in showers,

When I’m composed and go back to your bed

.You say “Oh you’re back darling, what has he said?”

We’ve always been honest, “They say a few weeks.”

I hug you, but to my surprise you’re at peace.

Not even two weeks later the pain is so bad,

The pain relief is set up; I’ve never felt so sad.

The next day you’re not really with us, it’s not really you.

Now it’s more real, what on earth will I do?

I watch you through the night to make sure you’re not alone,

Will someone sort out this mess if I pick up the phone?

“You’re so tired,” a lovely nurse said “why not go home to bed”

Not realising, two hours later, a telephone call to say,

I’m so sorry to wake you but your mam has passed away.


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