How Beginners Meditation Techniques Promote Relaxation

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When first venturing on the wonderful path of meditation, what challenges most beginners is finding the best beginners meditation techniques to suit their learning style and individual goals. Meditation does not have to be practiced in rigid form with advanced positions such as lotus, complex hand movements known as mudras, and chanting as depicted in popular media.

Learning meditation is actually a much more painless process, and does not involve mastering advanced techniques although the thought of escaping to a Buddhist temple to find inner peace does seem nice. Naturally, this is not a practical option for the majority of us in our everyday lives so one must find the best beginners meditation techniques to begin the learning process gradually in a time efficient manner that does not conflict with our daily schedule.

If you wish to truly learn meditation you must get involved with a hands-on approach that doesn’t involve simply reading pages of distracting material or lengthy instruction manuals. Frequently these books will instruct beginners to “think of nothing” or the even more obscure “casually observe your thoughts come and go”. It is very common for a beginner to become even more unsettled and mentally clouded with thoughts in their attempt to “think of nothing”. Meditation is about quieting and consoling the mind. Beginners meditation techniques are just what they imply, those that are easy for a beginner to learn. Different people have different means of getting relaxed enough to start meditating. If you are someone who feels most relaxed reclining in chair then start your session there. If you like to relax laying down then that would be your starting point. Simply apply this to your personality and what relaxes you most easily.

Meditation music is a very popular choice of all the beginners meditation techniques available. Music works great and is very efficient in changing one’s state of mind. Meditation music playing playing softly has been shown to improve concentration while handling daily tasks. Also there are many cd’s that are designed specifically for sleep meditation to sleep deeply and more sound. This is one of the most efficient beginners meditation techniques simply because the music places the listener in a meditative state that allows the mind to visualize the concepts necessary for sharper focus. Find what works for you and pursue it with vigor and enthusiasm.


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