Sample of Sale of Share of Land Still Undivided

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Sample of Sale of Share of Land Still Undivided

I, name of seller, of legal age, single/married, to name of spouse/husband, citizenship with residence and postal address located at indicate both addresses if possible, for and in consideration (all caps) of the sum of two hundred thousand dollars, $200,000, in hand paid to my full satisfaction by name of buyer, of legal age, single/married to name of spouse/husband, citizenship, and residing at state address, do hereby sell, cede, and convey (all caps) by way of Absolute Sale, unto said indicate location of land, his/her heirs and assigns, all my existing rights and interests which consist of indicate lot area as undivided share and ownership in Lot Number 123 including all the improvements therein covered by Title Number 123and more specifically described as follows:

The technical description of the land appearing on the title should be copied in this portion.

Henceforth, my exclusive title, ownership, share and interests in the above real property shall be sold to the name of the buyer, and his/her heirs and assigns, free from liens and other encumbrances of any kind.

In witness whereof (all caps), I have hereunto set my hand this January 15, 2010 at place the document was prepared and signed by buyer and seller.

Name of seller

Signed in the presence of at least two witnesses who saw the preparation and signing of the document by the buyer and the seller.

As a precaution, all the technical description indicated on the tile should be carefully checked so that unforeseen problems that may arise due to improper copying of the technical details will be avoided.


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