Sample of Affidavit of Voluntary Surrender of a Piece of Land

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Sample of Affidavit of Voluntary Surrender of a Piece of Land

I, name of affiant, of legal age, single /married to name of spouse/husband, nationality and residing at complete address, after been duly sworn under oath in accordance with existing law, voluntarily and freely, without undue pressure and intimidation from other parties hereby depose and say:

That I am the lessee of an agricultural land owned by a certain name of owner at place land is located in the county of place of county with a lot area of around 123 hectares, more or less, covered by land title number 123.

That on this date, January 15, 2010, I have notified the landowner of my willful intention to come to an end our leasehold agreement. My intention is to relocate my family to another location to spend my time near my parents.

That I am surrendering voluntarily the above land to the owner since I am no longer capable of continuing our leasehold agreement and live on the land.

In truth whereof, I have hereunto sign this document this January 15, 2010 at place this document is signed.

Name of Affiant

As additional information, affiant is the person who will sign and the affidavit before a Notary Public to swear of its truthfulness. In the absence of a Notary Public, the County Clerk can take his place.

This is only a sample format of an affidavit of voluntary surrender of a piece of land. There may be other information that needs to be included in the details regarding the surrender of the piece of land and the affiant must include such details.


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