The Alien We Played With

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Back in the days when we were still young, my friends and I would usually go to a dark entrance of a huge canal. The size of the canal entrance to my recollection was half the size of an average grown up man. We would normally go there before sunset to watch the flowing of canal water and let our paper boats be washed away. We used to do this scenario for quite a long period of time.

One day when my friends had already left the place, a certain person about ten inches in height, more or less, suddenly emerged from the canal entrance to my surprise. The said person hopped back and forth and looked at me without uttering a single sound. He had the skin similar to a lizard and the rest was comparable to humans, although small in size. One thing though that I noticed about him was that his gender was not visible. I was of course afraid at the time I saw him but he was able to convince me that he meant no harm through his inviting good gestures. I tried to play with him during that particular day with some reservations. When the sun began to set, I bade farewell to him.

The next day, I brought with me my usual friends and informed them about this particular guy I saw yesterday. Instead of being amazed, they too had seen this guy in the canal entrance and they were able to play with him also. Although we did not tell the matter to our parents, there were rumors around the compound about this particular small person. As always, my friends and I would still visit the canal entrance every now and then just to play plus the company of this small person.

During that time, the word alien was not yet known to our minds although he looked similar to alien creatures being shown in movie productions. It was only through the passing of time that there were aliens being documented roaming around the earth but no specific actual creature was shown in the company of people. If ever that it was true that he came from other planet, this particular alien was a playful creature.

As the years passed by, this small person became our friend and would sometimes try to imitate the sounds of human, but to no avail. However, his gestures were already good enough to be understood. One particular day when the street pavement was undergoing some improvement in our place, he told us through his gestures that he would relocate in a place far from our current location to seek for a quieter place. After that, we never heard from him since then.

It was almost forty years now since I saw this little guy or alien and I am wondering where he is right now. I just hope that he is still around seeking playful children at his usual place, the canal entrance.


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