SYTYCD Comes to Nashville, TN

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So You Think You Can Dance will be holding auditions in Nashville, Tennessee on March 14th, 2010. Auditions start at 8am at the Acuff Theater near Opry Mills Mall. Reports from previous contestants and judges say be prepared to wait. And, you may need to be available for a couple days.

SYTYCD first premiered summer of 2005 and was hosted by Lauren Sánchez. 2006 brought both a new host that we have all become familiar with, Cat Deeley and spin-off shows to other countries. The show is now in at least nine other countries and is currently holding auditions in various big cities across America, preparing for season 7.

What To Expect
If you are serious about auditioning for the show you will want to know a bit ahead of time to help you in the audition process. You will likely want to be at the audition location well before 8am to be in line, so consider bringing a chair for comfort and warm clothes to stand the weather. Once 8am rolls around there will likely be a few shots taped in preparation for the show, shots of the crowd and such. Then people will start being aloud in the theater where they will wait till everyone is registered. Once all are registered they will take small groups to audition together for the shows staff to a song chosen by the staff. If they like you they will likely have you go to another room to dance to your own song then call you back for a later date, within the next couple days, to show your dancing to your own song. You will not likely see the show judges till your return date. It is not very likely that you will be allowed to bring anyone with you into the auditioning process.

Dress to impress, but be comfortable. You don’t want to look homeless or like you are not serious about dancing but you do need to be comfortable to dance in what you are wearing.
Be versatile. Not only will you need to show that you are great in your preferred dance area, you will need to show you can do or learn other dances. If you make it on the show you won’t get to perform just your genre but many different types of dance.
Get to the point. You will often only have a short time to show what you can do so don’t “take it easy” be prepared to really show what you are capable of. If you are holding out your good moves till the end, don’t, the judges have to watch a lot of dancers and if you don’t show them something good soon they may stop you and move on to the next person.
If you are not sure of your talent it will show. Consider not auditioning this year in favor of brushing up on your skills and try out next year. Go in with courage and it will show to the judges. If you take yourself seriously when it comes to your dancing talents, the judges will do the same.

So You Think You Can Dance can be a very big opportunity to many talented dancers, so if you think you can dance go out there strong and confident, it may just change your life!

For more Season 7 audition dates visit the Fox site:


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