Travel tips: Why you need to travel more

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It’s hard to believe if there’s one person in this world say that he or she doesn’t like the sound of traveling to a new place with eye opening views. How can you resist the fresh dusty air of the dessert or the water rushing through the river banks? You can help but take pictures of the family of monkeys just playing around in the neighborhood in Asia. Traveling is one of the must to do thing on almost everyone’s list. I know it has been mine since I was a teenager. I always wonder how things are like in France or in China.

I have never met a person that doesn’t want to travel when they have time. I know that traveling is on everyone’s top list. There are some people that want to travel but they can’t because of busy children or other obligations. It’s a regret to most mother that they don’t get a chance to travel before they get marry. I read it in the magazine that not traveling is one of the top regret of most mothers.

I really wanted to travel but I have been so busy trying to put my life together that I find no time for it. I wanted to save money for school and to pay my bills. I wanted to wait a couple of more years until I have a lot of extra money and then I will travel. I think these are also the reasons that most young people or financially scarce people don’t travel. It’s alright. You just have to wait until it’s the right time because going all out when you’re not ready is not the option.

You should travel because you want to experience what this world has beside where you live. You want to see the wonder of the world and how it’s all different everywhere. It will make you think more about who created this world and why we need to appreciate everyone that is different from us. You will get to taste different kinds of food and see different kinds of customs and landscape and animals. You will get a chance to observe culture completely different from yours and it’s beautiful.

When you travel to a new place you will also discover new business opportunity because merchandise in other country can be cheaper than the US. Traveling will also give you a chance to be away from it all and find peace of mind in a new place. You will experience first hand the sound of a foreign language. If you’re a photographer you will fall in love with the beautiful landscape and foreign seas. How can you not take a picture of elephant and monkey that we rarely see in the US.

You won’t regret the low price of hotels either. For example, hotel in Vietnam only cost $10-$30 a night. You will also love the low price merchandise. You can buy gold and diamond for less in Vietnam or China. If you love shopping Asia is the country for you because there you will find low price merchandise.


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