Travel tips: Low price hotels in Las Vegas

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Hotels in Las Vegas can be costly and can be cheap you just have to find where and how to get it cheap or even for free. Certain hotels are cheap and certain are expensive but remember you pay for what you get and that’s no lie. Expensive hotels are also hotels of upscale casino and cheap hotels are hotels of cheap casino and the treatment you’ll get there is also very cheap. I have been treated very badly at cheaper casino and I know that you really pay for what you get. However, if budget is your problem than you can book a cheap hotel with no problem in Vegas.

The first way to get a cheap hotel is to do a research on which hotels are cheap and how close it is to your desire spot. Some cheap hotels are about 30 minutes away from the strip. For example, the Terrible Prim cost only $22 dollars to stay but it’s at the Nevada welcome center which is 30 minutes away from the strip. If you are driving than it’s ok to choose this hotel but if you’re from another country with no car then it’s not OK to book this hotel. This hotel is good if you drove here and want to spend a long time in Vegas then you can sure save yourself a lot of money.

The next cheap hotel is the Orleans with just $50 a night. The Orleans is right next to all the major casino on the strip. You can walk to most of the casino here. The Orleans is nice and clean but I’m not sure of the service there though. You have to be careful of rude staff at small hotel. I know Tropicana hotel was rude to me one time when I try to play crap. They don’t let you have as much freedom as other casino and I would never go to Tropicana again because they offer terrible service and the players there are rude too. You really pay for what you get.

The next way to get a cheap or free hotel is to accept promotions. There are promotions for travel package all the time and sometimes they will give you a better deal. If you travel with a travel company then the hotel is included in the package and it’s cheaper since your company get a lower rate with numerous people. You can also join the player’s club and get free hotels when you have reached a certain amount of points. If you want to save some more money then going with a group of people and then stay in the same hotel room and split the cost. I use to go with 6-7 people and share the cost so each of use only have to pay around $50 dollars. It’s a good idea to share a room , just bring sleeping bags. The more the merrier. There’s no point to have a room all by yourself and pay hundreds.

Remember that expensive casino have features that cheaper hotels don’t such as excellent service, cleanliness, safety, extra play room, extra services, pool, spas, and buffet. You really pay for what you get here in Vegas. Also if you stay at an expensive hotels then you will experience the expensive casino rooms with many games tables and nice service with a better chance of winning your games.


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