Candle Decors For Any Room

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Have you ever seen decorative candles on a charger and/or a platter with potpourri or with stones? Well, I have and it is so beautiful and decorative, plus expensive, too.

Did you know you can create your own at home? Yes, you can. See the following the steps below.

It’s very simple to do. I normally wait for those 70% off department sales or visit the dollar store if your budget is a little tight. Look for candles that will match or blend in with your room decor concentrate on colors, shades, and sizes.

From your pantry, look for dinner plates you can decide from solid colors or decorative ones or if you can’t find a particular one visit the dollar store or discount store for various designs and colors.

Now, that you have your platter arrange the candles by grouping them in the center. Very simple, right.

Lastly, you may leave the candles as is or, add potpourri or stones around it to give it a more elegant look.

Did you create your own? If, so please let me know how did your creation turned out.  


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