Sports tips: how to repair old injuries from playing sports

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If you have an injury currently then you should stop exercising until you have recovered because furthering will make your injury worst. If you have a fracture and you continue to workout you can end up breaking the entire bone instead of just a fracture. You should take you injury seriously and stop exercising immediately. Things that you can do prevent future injury are to stretch, warm up and wear the right shoes at all time. If you fail to stretch, warm up and wear the wrong shoes, you will most likely end up with an injury. This is similar to driving a car without proper fluid level and good tires, something will go wrong.

If you have ever taken an exercising class before, the instructor always teaches you to stretch, warm up and wear the right shoes before you get to work out. Any good instructor will teach you this; however, some people don’t do all of the following and thus resulting in injury. I have seen people running with slippers. How can you run with a pair of slippers with no sole support? I’ve seen some people work out without stretching and warming up, this will sure to cause you great injury.

Whatever injury that you have, you have to get it repair before you continue to work out. This is serious if you still want to ever work out again. If it doesn’t heal on its own, then you should visit your doctor and get it fix. You should follow the regimen giving by your doctor to ensure faster result. You should also take any medication properly giving by your doctor.

The good news is that most minor injury can heal on its own. You just need to give it sometimes. Most minor injury can heal within 1 week to 1 month. During the healing time, you should not work out at all. Everyone has different kinds of injury, but I’m guessing that the most common injury is muscle sore or fractures. These two injuries occurred because people don’t stretch and warm up enough. They do the wrong kind of exercise with the wrong types of movement and thus their body can’t articulate. They put too much stress on their body in one day. They try to do move that they are not ready for or don’t know how to do it correctly. They don’t wear the right kind of shoes. They don’t use the right body mechanic. They use too much weight. There could be so much more reasons but the idea is that most people did something wrong and that caused them injury.

What they can do is learn from their mistake and not do these kinds of things again. Some people are not aware of how much stress they put on their body with certain kinds of exercise or sports. Some people don’t know their anatomy well and thus they twist their body at the wrong angle and that could cause a fracture. People break their back dancing sometimes because they bend their back or other body parts in a way that their body can’t articulate and thus the injury.

Injury like a muscle sore can go away if you stretch it out for a couple of days. If you have pain on your body part, you can try putting a cold ice pack or a hot towel to relieve your pain. You can take Tylenol or Motrin to reduce your pain. You can take benadryl to reduce swellings. If you got a fracture then you can stop working out and let it heal within a month. If you have worse injury then you need to consult with your doctor.


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