Moderate Dress Results in Milder Attitudes

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Well, I’m 44 and I’ve turned into my parents. Or is that really the case? I see these younger people dressed in clothing my mother and father would have stripped off me naked had I the nerve to wear it in public. Alas, today it’s considered normal to leave nothing to the imagination and let it all hang out.

Case in point, today I saw a woman pass by me on the streets of Glendale, AZ displaying for all the world her bountiful goodness. Both of em! I, of course, had the good taste NOT to comment, however, the men standing there taking her all in let it be known how they felt…and not too silently, i might add.

She was trailed by 2 kids and a husband and was heard to be quite indignant by the comments made concerning her chest. It was then another woman who shocked me by making the comment that, “if she didn’t want the negative attention, then she should have worn more modest clothing!” Wow! I had never heard a female give such a rebuke in the presence of men to another woman! Unheard of, I tell you!

Well with that the floodgates let open with comments about one thing or another and after a while, the woman strolled past again, chest help high, just itching’ for another go ’round of negative comment and possible insult. The husband looked for a moment that he might say something, then just kept past the group, silently.

Getting in the car, the men next to me agreed with each other that if the husband had spoken concerning their comments, they would do some sort of physical harm because, their wives or girlfriends wouldn’t dress like that!

As I listened to this exchange and observed the players of this act, it became evident that most people don’t consider the effect of what they do to such an extreme. The guy got in his car, unaware that because his wife chose to be less modest in her dress, he might have gotten his but kicked! What sixth degree of separation is this that has such a subtle thing become a physical threat. These guys were serious! They meant business!

I dare venture to say that if I  had told that man he had had a threat directed toward his person, based on the attitude of how his wife’s attire was viewed, he would not have believed me!

There are those that feel people should be able to wear what they want, how they want, and society shouldn’t be affected toward expressing it’s opinions. However, that Utopian Society has yet to emerge upon the world stage, and I don’t see it’s presence forthcoming. In the interim, let’s all use common sense and find the will to dress within in tasteful means.

Ladies, please, look in the MIRROR before you venture out in public. Consider how you dress and what you show while you do. Are men pigs…? YES!!!  Please don’t expect that to change. Of course, the lengths some go to just make sure their objectified knows no bounds as well! Be that as it may remember that not all people can keep their opinions to themselves, and not all people have a good opinions to give.

So, if you’re sick and tired of being the object of negative attention, regard how you may dress, remember that you get out of a thing, exactly what you put in it..or on it!


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