The Problems of On-Line Publishing

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An on line publishing site is not really an on-line writing site.  The writing is incidental.  The Ads surrounding the writing are the purpose of the site.  Advertisers pay to have their products hawked on a page. What is on the page need merely separate one ad from the other.

Although those who write considered being published as the high point, and originally strove to present their best work and gain a few cents per view, over time those who were not very talented and who realised that the words of the writer were virtually ignored, the placement of ads was the purpose, began to ‘play’ the sites.

Some would type utter rubbish, false reports of an actors death, meaningless drivel, and spam.  How easy it was to create a page of spam and post it on an on-line site then do the email thing!

As many on-line publishing sites do not have a human being act as editor but a piece of software, it was almost too easy to ‘play’ the sites.

Over time, more clowns joined publishing sites and began to turn them into cesspools.  Hence an article coming from one of these sites would be barred from using particular social networking.  Other social networking sites were run by automated systems which had no knowledge or care what was being done, quantity contra quality was their reason for being.

Having one thousand hits on a piece of rubbish meant that the advertisers assumed one thousand pairs of eyes saw their ad.  The ‘writer’ would gain a few pennies from the article, and a lot of laughs.

Recently, however, the fact that the entire site and it’s writers is brought into ridicule by the actions of spammers and crap writers has caused protests

Some sites are rather careful on what is published, hence the spammers and crapwriters are barred. These sites insure that they maintain their reputations, and those of the writers.

There is no way an automated system can differentiate between an article describing a new breakthrough in the treatment of acne and a spammer advertising an acne product.  No way software can discern if a particular actor died last night or the article is simply rubbish looking for hits.

On-line publishing sites need to take the writing a bit more seriously; if not as important as the ads, then recognise, that without the writing there is no place to place the ads, hence business ends.


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