Devorce and Kids

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Devorce is extremely hard on a kid and sometimes it’s just too much for both of you. If your child is not talking to you or not reacting to you trying to help, then let them come to you, it is alot easier that way. If your child tells you they want to be left alone, leave them alone they’ll be ready eventually, just let them get there by themselves.If your child becomes violent or misbehaves, let them know that is unexceptable and acting out won’t get them anywhere. Always let the child know that they can see or talk to the other parent whenever, even though you may not like them. If you and the other parent fight things just get worse for you and the kid. Sometimes it is hard to say how you feel so even though the kid might not be able to talk about the devorce yet give then a journal or diary to sort of vent their feeling into. Let your child know that you are always there when they need you. Don’t ever try to stop the child from crying because sometimes crying is the only way to get your feelings out. If after trying everything from here and other books, websites or articles you might want to get a family counselor or a school counselor. Sometimes kids can tell other people how they feel but not you. Eventually things will end up being okay, you just have to work through them. Let your child know that.


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