How to Get a Six Pack Fast

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Are you interested learning how to sculpt your abdominal area in order to achieve that highly sought after six-pack?

Having sculpted six pack abs is a sign of virility and personal strength and competence! Also the ladies will be quite pleased with them as well. However, before attempting to try any exercise or diet to attain them, it is important to identify the muscles in the abdomen, and know which ones are targeted by which exercises for maximum efficiency.

The abdominal muscles that everyone is interested in (the ones that are always the highlights in movies and advertisements) are the rectus abdominis muscles. These are the muscles that make that six-pack effect in the first place as they are divided into three sections and then divided once again right down the middle.. If you focus on your rectus abdominis muscle region, you will get that six-pack look, but if you also focus on the muscles directly below it, the pyramidalis muscle, you can get eight-pack abs! The muscles that are alongside your abdominal region are called the obliques, which are divided into two distinct parts: the external obliques cover the ribs and the internal ones are underneath as they run down the sides of the ribs in pure muscle fiber strips. The abdomen muscles discussed earlier cross over the obliques but in a much wider span, this allows your body to take it’s core shape.

To exercise all these muscles, finding a workout plan that heavily involves your abdomen is a must. Crunches, despite what other advertisements would lead you to believe, are an incredibly effective way to work the center of your abs. Even better, if you can combine those crunches with some side and full-stretch crunches, you will be able to work all of your individual abdominal muscles at once. Exercises such as leg raises and bicycle kicks can really help you to get to those lower abdominal muscles as well.

You also need to focus on total body weight loss and toning, as your abdominal muscles will only become visible if your body fat level falls below the 8% range for men and as much as 14% for women. You need follow two rules in order to achieve this, you have to have an intensive cardio regiment along with a carefully followed diet.

A fast way to lose weight through dieting is by eliminating a large percentage of the fats that are ingested through food and drink. You will also have to carefully consume calories. You need enough to function actively but not too much to the point you cannot lose the weight. is one of many sites that have great web-tools that let you monitor your calorie consumption as well as show you what each meal has calorie wise. As you have no doubt heard from anyone who has ever gone on a diet, salads and greens are very important. Not only do they have low calorie content, but also eating a lot of greens and salads will increase your metabolism – allowing you to eat more and feel less tired after each cardio workout. Foods high in fiber such as granola and cereal are also great for their boost of energy and their nutritional value in general.

But the simple act of eating healthy isn’t the only thing you need to do. Above we told you that you have to do a lot of cardio, and to be honest that is a vital part. Any well paced activity such as jogging and swimming laps will work great. Jogging is not for everybody. If you find that this type of activity hurts your joints or you experience other problems, there are alternatives. Swimming is a great option to build up your cardio training, but elliptical machines and even using stationary bikes for ultra-fast “spinning” routines are excellent too. These machines work to get your entire body involved in the workout – and are a great way to run comfortably without stress on your joints.

These are the basics for what you need to get a six pack fast. Just remember everything you learned and stay true to your work out and dieting schedule and having those great abs won’t be a dream.


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