Unimpressive Photography backdrops – How can you tell?

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Backdrops for Photography are a photographer’s ace and a viewer’s delight. They make pictures jump right out at you and the feelings that seem to emanate out of a photograph decorated with a suitable, well-chosen and appropriate backdrop would almost make you empathetic.

The days of Muslin and old fashioned photography props are passé and the digital photography has taken off in a big way. Also, the delivery and access to ready made photography backdrops and/or services pertaining to customization of digital photography and photography backdrops is increasingly being done online.

However, you might, more often than not, come across photography backdrops that might not be up to the mark, how can you tell? Here are 3 things you need to look into when trying to ascertain the quality of the Photograph Backdrops.

What are you looking at, the backdrop or the photograph?

A simple but highly effective check is to see what jumps out at you — it ought to be the photograph and not the backdrop. If you feel that the backdrop seems to be getting more attention than the photo itself, the backdrop isn’t doing its job well, is it? The job of the backdrop is only to accentuate the look of the photograph according to a chosen theme and nothing more than that.

What about the colors?

Colors are the life of any photograph and backdrops are supposed to supplement the entire color set of the photograph. If the photography backdrops have too dull or too bright colors, they won’t cut the ice. Also, the colors of the photograph’s backdrop are not supposed to be the same as that of the subject(s) of the photograph.

What Do You think of the Pixels, format and Quality?

The quality of the backdrop depends on the primary and the secondary color palette being used, apart from other crucial aspects like the pixels and finally, but most importantly, the file format it is being produced in. The best file format to be used is the “tiff” file format.

There can be no excuses anymore what with the kind of technology we now have at our disposal. Digital Photography has embraced technological strides in a big way and hence a backdrop with unimpressive quality just won’t any takers.


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