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The way we begin our career, shapes our future aspirations. My past work experiences as a Customer Service Officer has made me believe that, the field can immensely help improve and enhance our communication levels to strive for better opportunities in the long run.

The perks of the profession are many. Extensive training is imparted on language; grammar and accent that help us grow as well- behaved professionals.

As trainees, we learn about business communications (or biz comm. as we now call it) as a major part of the curriculam. The training also helps neutralize the accent by erasing any regional language influence in the speech. Hence, the knowledge base shared is invaluable in our future endeavors to shine in our careers. No other profile can teach us about valuing and respecting the interests of the other individuals as intensively as in Customer Care.

We’ll surprisingly notice that interaction with a stranger, can be an interesting experience. I still remember my first call. It was a big deal. I was working for a credit card process. The caller was abusive. He called me a B@# and it felt terrible. I didn’t want to continue. But, in course of time things were normal. Infact, I began to enjoy it as most of them were happy talking to me. That is my greatest achievement so far!

•               Customer Service is a confidence booster.

Some of us are introverted. We prefer a more personalized environment, among families, a few close friends, sometimes relatives too. It can be a frightening experience for a young college pass-out of similar attitude, to adapt to a loud atmosphere like Marketing, P.R. or Sales).Telly-calling or customer care is a splendid option for those to begin their career with. They also get a first-hand experience about dealing with people outside their comfort zones. However, the benefits are also applicable to the other confident and experienced individuals as well. As they learn to manage their performance better with regular customer interactions.

  • Fight inhibitions together as a team.

Every individual has an idea about their own capabilities, which sometimes pose as threat to their overall performance. They are unable to explore beyond a certain point. Thinking out of the box is possible when we work together in a team. Hence, the ability of taking responsibilities, being creative and polite with our speech and being sensitive to others’ interests most importantly, are gradually developed. In customer support, people are able to come out of their complicated shell and learn to live and grow in a wider social atmosphere.

  • Learn to be organized and responsible.

Strict guidelines are followed on a regular basis on the customer advisor desk. Every agent is responsible for his/her action and they are constantly monitored. A lot of people think it’s not such a good idea because we are adults and shouldn’t be treated like school kids or slaves. But I think It’s a very productive idea.The regular practice of working in a disciplined atmosphere pays off eventually as one learns to take care of details and live a more organised and systematic life at work and otherwise.

  • Accept criticism

The numerous interactions with clients on a daily basis help one understand that criticism is healthy. Apparently, dealing with disagreements can be a very de-motivating experience for an agent if a practical understanding of client needs remain absent. However,sometimes, despite the best efforts to salvage an issue, they fail. Being able to remain calm in those trying times and accept negative comments or criticisms in a positive light to learn and rectify any communication glitch is a job well done. The profile is able to strengthen the attitude to stay focused on the face of deterrents.

  • Training options.

The lessons we learn in Customer Care are quiet useful in other spheres of the corporate world as well. Such as, Banking, Airlines, Media, Online, paper publications, KPOs etc. Once experienced in customer care, training in voice and accent or quality coaching is a lucrative option. There are certification programmes available at all major cities or suburbs at a meager cost to upgrade one’s designation in the company. Extensive information can be found online with proper key word search. Thus, we know where the scope for personal and professional growth in our career choices lies.

A reminder for all the interested candidates, Care comes from commitment. Choose wisely.


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