Why Ben Roethlisburger should stay home

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Ben Roethlisburger is an amazing footballl player, a very good athlete, a talk show charmer, and also now an alleged rapist. Though Ben is everything someone could dream of he is beginning to lose sight of what got him where he is today. Ben started out as a respectable football player and had a winning attitude. His winning attitude and humbled ways are what attracted the Pittsburgh Steelers to draft him. Now Ben has been seen partying at various nightclubs with very young college students not to mention young women. This is fine for the regular person, but Ben has too much status to be partying with young college students who have nothing to lose such as a 100 million plus contract. Ben is now starting to go back to his college days where he too had nothing to lose. Now that he is a pro football player he needs to realize that he is too high up on the list now and can fall just as fast as he went up. He is now being accused by two women of sexual assault. Now even for a man of Ben’s charming nature and fun loving personality these are very darkening accusations. I’m not saying that Ben did not commit the crimes because I don’t know, but these girls have nothing to lose by trying to cash in on his big contract. He is now starting to become an O.J. Simpson or a Ray Lewis when he could have easily become a Peyton Manning. So, my advice to Ben is to stay home have family time, have parties at your house with people who you trust because obviously if Ben didn’t commit these horrible crimes somebody has seen an easy way to cash in on a young man who is confused.


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