Beauty tips: How to create smoky eyes

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Smoky eyes are very sexy to look at. You should try to do your eyes makeup whenever possible because it’s one of the most important feature that bring out your beauty. When people look, the first thing they look into is your eyes. When you associate with other people, they will be looking into your eyes most of the time. I have seen people who goes without makeup and it doesn’t look that appealing. It looks pale and unattractive. Have you ever look at someone without eyes makeup, it doesn’t look that attractive. You should try to do your eyes makeup whenever possible to make yourself more beautiful, if that is your goal.

Smoky eyes are great on all eyes colors because I have seen it on all kinds of people. It’s more dramatic and more suitable for night time than day time. Although you can try smoky eyes during the day but just make it less dramatic. Smoky eyes also look great in pictures. Smoky eyes will make your eyes look bigger and it will define your eyes more. Smoky eyes can make you look more romantic.

The makeups that you need for creating the smoky eyes look are black eye liner, black mascara, black eye shadow, silver eye shadow, grey eye shadow and liner. You can use any dark color liner and shadows to play around and see which work best for you. You can start to line your eyes with black or grey liner and then smudge it very well to avoid raccoon eyes. Next, you can put some foundation as a base so that your eye shadows will stick. You can put another grayish shadow on top of the foundation as a base. After you finish with your base you can then try to put on the color of your choice for that smoky look. You can use black, brown, grey or silver eye shadows. Cream eye shadows are much better for creating that long lasting smoky eyes look. All shadow can give you the smoky eyes look.

If you line the inner layer of your eyes, it will help so much to make your eyes smoky. You can use different colors to create your top pest layer of shadows. You can start smudging and blending them all together even to create a very mystical smoky look. Some golden color blends really well with your darker shadow to create that smoky look. You can put on black shadow closest to your eyes first and then grey and gold or silver next and then smudge it all together to create a line less look.

Blending and smudging together is a good makeup technique and that also goes with applying face or lips makeup. You have to blend everything together and not leave lines to be seen. It doesn’t look that good to see a solid, striking line on someone’s eyes or lips.


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