Final Fantasy XIII Vile Peaks Boss guide- Dreadnought.

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This one’s not too difficult, provided you have a good understanding of Final Fantasy XIII’s paradigm shift system. Before venturing in, make sure that everyone has expended all their CP!

There are three main paradigms you will use in this boss battle. The first is Bully, which allows you to use Sazh to buff lightning (bravery) as well as Vanille and himself (faith). While you are doing this, Vanille should debuff the dreadnought with de protect and de shell, helping you to negate it’s 50% reduction to all physical and magical damage!

With that done, switch back to relentless assault and start working on staggering the dreadnought boss. Once it is staggered, you should have no trouble inflicting massive damage on it.

The Dreadnought boss does have a couple of nasty attacks though, including wrecking ball (which appears in the second stage of the fight), so if at any point your characters fall to about half health, make sure to switch to diversity mode so Vanille can help you all up. If your health is in the red, pop a potion right away before switching!

The dreadnought boss can also remove the debuffs from itself one at a time using its steam clean ability. Don’t worry about this though, as this ability takes a while and it can’t attack you while using it. Just remember to switch back to bully to re apply the effect afterwards.

That’s pretty much it. Your rewards for defeating the dreadnought boss in the Vile peaks include new paradigms, the ability to upgrade your weapons, and some more crystarium slots!

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