How to integrate Google Reader into Google Buzz

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Since its official release on October 7, 2005, Google Reader has evolved to one of the most popular web applications of free news live-feed. Integrating Google Reader to Google Buzz gives you instant access to Atom or RSS feed of your favorite blogs, web pages, news pages or any other info you wish to display. Moreover, its new advanced interface, easy navigation and features help you stay in touch with the world either online or offline. To successfully integrate Google Reader to Google Buzz is an easy thing to do needing only a few clicks to be completed. Here is how:

1. First of all, log into your Gmail account using your username and password. If you are a new user, then you can create a new account for free visiting the official web page at

2. Google Buzz should already be activated and a Buzz icon should appear just under your inbox tab. If not, scroll down the page and activate Google Buzz and its icon following the link ‘Turn on Buzz’ on the Gmail view list on the bottom of the page. Remember that you need to create your Google Profile at and make it public to successfully activate Google Buzz and Google Reader.

3. Now, scroll up the page and on the top left corner you will find the ‘Reader’ tab. Click on it and a new page will pop up. If you have already been following blogs and have registered to their Atom or RSS feed, then they will be automatically displayed. Moreover, you can browse among the recommended sources to subscribe to more blogs or pages.

4. After you are done editing Google Reader, go back to your Gmail account by clicking on the ‘Gmail’ option on the left top corner.

5. Click on the Buzz icon and a new page will open up showing you your connected sites, your followers as well as the people you follow. Just beside every source’s name and description, you will see their latest updates and news feeds with options such as ‘Comment’, ‘Like’, ‘Email’ and their online status.

6. Every time there is a new update, you will get notifications grouped in a firm list looking a lot like Gmail. Of course, you can modify Reader’s settings anytime by clicking on the ‘Shared settings’ link of the main ‘Edit’ menu.

Overall, Google Reader is one of the most sufficient and powerful Atom and RSS feeders. Its simplicity in use, advanced search features, automatic updates, auto detection of feeds, useful shortcuts and enhanced interface make it a necessary addition to your Google account.


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