How to disable Google Buzz

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Google’s latest addition, Google Buzz is here to rock the world offering a powerful tool to help you share photos, links, videos and status updates with friends and family. Even though it has been characterized as the ‘Twitter killer’, still, there are people considering it as privacy abuse and want it out. Google offers an easy and complete way to disable Google Buzz and save yourself from unwanted contact updates showing up in your Buzz-inbox. Here is how to do it:

1. Log into your Gmail account using your username and password. Go to your inbox, scroll down the page and follow the ‘turn off buzz’ link found in the Gmail view options list.

2. A new page will pop up giving you the options to either show/ hide Google Buzz in Gmail or to totally disable it. Click on the ‘Disable Google Buzz’ tab and the first step is over! Keep in mind that by disabling Google Buzz from Settings is not enough; doing so it will just clear all active links but leave your personal profile open to other users to follow. To completely disable Google Buzz, you have to delete your Google Profile also.

* Important note: if you do business online or wish to be found in Google searches, you should think twice before deleting your public Google Profile. But if you insist in your decision, then keep on reading.

3. Visit the official Google profile editing page at and log into your profile using your Gmail username and password.

4. Click on the ‘Edit’ option and scroll down the page until you find the “Delete profile and disable Google Buzz completely” box. As Google claims, “this will disable Google Buzz integration in Gmail and delete your Google profile and Buzz posts. It will also disconnect any connected sites and unfollow you from anyone you are following”. Do not forget to click on the ‘Save changes’ tab to complete your steps. A new tab will open up asking you if you are sure about deleting your Google profile. Hit ‘Yes, delete my profile and posts’ and you are done! You have successfully disabled Google Buzz from your Gmail account!

If you wish to reactivate Google Buzz, all you have to do is to log into your Gmail account, scroll down the page and click yes on the ‘Activate Google Buzz’ option. Of course, you will also need to create a Google profile from scratch. The power is in your hands!


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