How to create groups on Facebook

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Since its official release back in 2005, Facebook has turned into the most popular social networking site. Users above the age of thirteen can easily create a Facebook account and get in touch with people all over the world using the various Facebook tools such as inbox, wall, personal status and instant chat. Moreover, users can easily create groups to attract friends and expand their own social network. Sounds interesting? Well, in just a few steps you can create your own personal Facebook group on any topic that fascinates you; from cars to sports to TV shows, you can make your own masterpiece and have the spotlights turned to you! Are you ready? Let’s go!

1. First things first. Have you thought of a really cool group name to make it stand out? If so, then log into your Facebook account or create one if you do not already have.

2. Click on ‘My Groups’ tab found on the left of the main Facebook page. In this section you can browse among the various groups you have previously joined in or make a quick search to see if the group you are about to create already exists. Keep in mind that your group should meet the interests of a large number of people to become successful. You can even type some keywords into the ‘Search’ box to get ideas. Just make sure the group’s name is plain and simple to come up into search results.

3. After you are done, hit on the ‘Create a group’ tab found on the top of your screen. You will have to fill in some basic info regarding your group such as group name, description and group type and some personal info such as email and street address, website and more. Fill in all the required fields and choose ‘Create a group’.

4. You will then be redirected to a new page informing you that your group has been created! But, not that fast; you will have to choose between various options to make your group public. Decide if you and only you will be the group’s admin or not, if others can write on your group’s wall, if others can posts pictures, enable links or videos and finally, if your group will be visible in search results or accessible by few.

5. Now time to upload a picture and make your group shine like a star! Choose a descriptive photo that will best characterize your group. Make sure the file’s size is up to 4MB and does not violate Facebook’s Terms of Use.

6. Edit your group’s details anytime by clicking on the ‘Group Info’ tab. You can also update its settings at this section or choose the officers that will manage it.

7. Time to make your group known to your friends; follow the ‘Members’ link and invite all of your friends by marking their names on your friend lists. Nevertheless, if there are people who you wish to invite but are not your Facebook friends, you can do so by simply importing their email addresses. Facebook also gives you the change to import all of your contacts at once using the Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail or Msn address book.

8. To attract more people make sure you always keep your group updated. No one wants to be a part of a group that has not been modified for three months. Moreover, it is up to you to start intrigue and fun conversations on your discussion board to attract others attention.

Congratulations! You have just created your first Facebook group! Invite friends from all over the world and enjoy your new virtual neighborhood!


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