Marriage: Divorce and children

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Divorce is a tough decision when you have kids that depends on you. Your divorce will cause your children to suffer emotionally. They won’t be the same. You need to give your kids as much love and support throughout your divorce and don’t abandon them. Some people got their divorce and never look back on their children. They abandon their children and allow them to live in undesirable conditions.

Divorcing will have a negative impact on your children but it can also gives them a break from seeing their parents fighting all the time. When your relationship is not good, you won’t be able to treat your children good either. When you are divorced, at least you’ll be happier and you can start being happy around your children.

Children suffers a lot when they see their parents struggling and fighting. All the noise in the house is just negative. I know this is true because my parents fight a lot and I hated when they fight. They fight about the little things like cleaning the house and dishes and that is not necessary at all. I wish that they would stop fighting but they won’t. It’s very difficult for me to live in a home like that. I grew up hating relationship even. I grew up being fearful of bad relationship and is very scare of people. This is how it effects me. I would really appreciate a nice and loving home. This is also true for your children. They also enjoy a loving home.

When you divorce, just remember not to neglect your children in the process and give them the love and caring that they deserve. You should allow the other partner to visit your children too. It’s very important to their emotional development. You should let the other parent raise them too. You should never use your children to threat the other person or play games with them. I’ve seen children being kidnapped by the other parent because one is using the kids to play games with the other. Your child safety is important so do not risk your child’s safety.

Your children will feel differently about themselves because they only have one parent instead of two. They will see other kids with both parents who are happy and they will pity themselves. Like it or not, your children will also suffer financially from your divorce too. Even if your partner helps you out with some child support but it’s only child support and everything else will deplete. Your child might not have the biggest home with the nice TV or vacations as often as when you two are still together. Your child will be lacking a lot of things that other children have. You have to provide your child with everything so that they don’t feel deprived.


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