Diet And Arthritis – How To Handle Diet And Arthritis

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Diet and arthritis – So, you have pain.

Osteoarthritis hurts doesn’t it?

My wife suffered osteoarthritis of the spine for almost twenty years. She went to several doctors, had hospital checks, was offered numerous courses of medication – yet nothing ever cured her.

Okay, some of the time she found relief, but there were also times such as when she was out shopping, and had to lean her back against a wall and gradually sink to the ground in order to ease the hurt – now that’s real pain…. There have also been several times when she’s been reduced to tears with the agony of dressing in a morning.

Always the arthritis was there, always the arthritis gave pain.

Eventually she paid to see a private chiropractor. I’ve always looked upon alternative medical practices as a bit mumbo-jumbo – but I’ve changed my mind.


Diet and arthritis – Cold is the thing

She was prodded and pulled for several weeks, and was advised to lie on a bag of frozen peas for fifteen minutes every day – Frozen peas? Cold – the opposite of what most people think.

It seems the majority of people reach for heat to ease their pain – but cold is the thing. Cold reduces the inflammation of arthritis, cold takes away the pain of arthritis – cold is king –okay!

After a few weeks, she was advised that she would be able to help herself far more than any treatment ever could.

The chiropractor recommended that plenty of exercise and a change of diet could actually cure her arthritis: –


Diet and arthritis – Not a quick fix

It was explained it would NOT be a quick fix, but diet and arthritis could work. Toxins had to work their way out of the joints and the body would need time to repair itself.


Diet and arthritis – A cure for pain

  • Eat NO red meat.
  • Drink NO red wine
  • Drink NO Brandy
  • Drink NO whisky
  • Drink NO dark rum
  • Eat NO raw tomato (well-cooked tomato is fine)
  • Eat MORE fish high in Omega3
  • Use MORE olive oil where possible
  • Eat NO oranges

  • Eat PLENTY of fruit and vegetables


Diet and arthritis – we are what we eat

My wife did as she was told. It took TWO years for her body to heal – but heal it did. A simple change of diet CURED her arthritis. She’s now been cured for twenty years. Twenty years with the pain of arthritis, twenty years without – she knows which she prefers.

It needed patience, and no cheating, but it was worth it. If YOU have the patience, if YOU can accept there’s no such thing as a quick fix and are willing to give up things you might like, then you too can cure arthritis.

It’s been said for years, we ARE what we eat, and it’s so true. I wonder how many other cures can be brought about by changing our diet.


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