How to Tell Your Co-Workers that They Talk Too Loudly

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How do you tell a co-worker that they talk too loudly?

Just as in any other realm of human interaction, co-workers in their workplace are often faced with interpersonal challenges. Among these include personality mismatches that make teamwork difficult, outright dislike that can potentially create a hostile work environment, and various characteristics that add obstacles to an already-difficult workday.

Among those quirks and traits that can make working life more difficult for employees is speaking volume; that is, when a worker simply talks too loudly. This can not only directly interfere with the operations of the organization, such as phone reception and lateral conversation, but it can also just be a source of aggravation that can lead to broken peer relationships and stress.

In order to ease and eliminate potential related anxieties, the solution may actually be as easy as informing the person that they need to speak a little quieter. It can be an endeavor that requires wisdom and patience, but it is certainly possible to find the perfectly appropriate words and timing.

Strict Pragmatism

Ask yourself: Is it truly harmful that my co-workers talks loudly? Perhaps you find it to be a minor annoyance, or a even major irritation, but if it has only has an affect on your mood and does not hinder your capacity to perform your tasks with efficiency and productivity, then maybe you need to consider cooling off. Emphasize learning focus and concentration, or other methods of ignoring the noise, if the co-worker’s voice is not genuinely a grave issue.

However, if it really is infringing on your duties, then it will require tact to address the problem without fracturing anyone’s self-esteem or reputation, or temporarily bursting the overall mood of the office. Wait until there is a specific time that your co-workers is speaking very loudly when he or she should not be, when it is affecting your work.

Opportune Moment of Relevancy

Then, when the co-workers is interrupting your job with his or her loudness, turn from what you are doing and address the culprit directly. Use words that are firm but not accusatory, concerned but not unforgiving. Make it very clear that the volume needs to be turned down, because it is infringing on your working, and other co-workers have also complained in confidence.

Relentless Consistency

After this direct confrontation, one can hope that the moment of intervention was enough. In the event that the loud-speaking continues, repeat your insistence that the voice be quieted, lest more work be interrupted and encroached upon. If necessary, speak to your supervisor about the issue. The most effective way to get your message across may be to enact actual consequences if they otherwise refuse to comply.

Some people gossip, some people smell, and some people talk to loudly: There are a myriad of co-worker quirks to deal with in the office environment, but with an appropriate course of action, professionalism can win over personality flaws.


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