The Latest First lady In The World – Michelle Obama

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Michelle Obama’s first official duty as the United States of America’s First Lady was when her husband Barack Obama was being administered the oath of office by the chief Justice of the United States. She held the bible for the likeable Obama who even when he stutteered to show he was human and fallible like all of us received a tacit nod from Michelle and he came back stronger and repeated those eternal lines used since the days of George Washington. Her fashion sense at the Inaugration was cool but for the green gloves and green shoes. They might have complimented one another but for the sharp contrast they posed against what the rest of other VIP’s were wearing. Green means earth and earth means life, so that might have been her reason for her choices in the arena of dress-sense. My concern now is that something be done fat to discover for her a tasteful fashion adviser who she can trust even if she is brutally honest, and to help her with her fashion choices.

Michelle is quite tall and big boned for a woman, and that white one strap gown she wore to all the balls didn’t perfectly meet with my expectations of her earlier trends in fashion, especially, in the days of electioneering campaign. It was near-total disaster on her. She needs special dressing because of those very long legs, broad hips and heavier thighs. She should not mind the media frenzy about her as fashionable as Jackie Kennedy. They are two different women and I believe Michelle would get better than Jackie when the time comes. I believe she is yet to be well-settled into thet office of the First Lady. Don’t you think we are all expecting too much from her early in the day? Anyway, congratulations to Michelle for a great day they had yesterday at the inaugration and at the balls. I pray she knows that her office is strong enough to effect positive changes and wrought such in the lives of every American family.


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