Travel tips: Using Map Quest for traveling

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If you’re traveling to a new places, most likely you will need to use some sorts of maps whether it be the Thomas guide, Yahoo’s map on line, google, or map quest. I don’t recommend you trying to find the place by guessing because as I have learned it from experience that you can get lost for hours and you will be very frustrated. Even trying to meet someone in your neighborhood you should find the direction exactly because you will be wasting a lot of time and energy trying to guess where it is. You think you know where you’re going but most of the time you will get lost.

I don’t know anyone that would try to second guess the direction to a destination they haven’t been before. You will definitely get lost as I have before. I think I am confident but I always turn out to get lost somehow. It took me hours to figure my way around. When you’re lost on the road you won’t get a second chance to get really good directions unless you can call someone and have them look at up for you. It’s rare that you can call someone who is free to do that. I suggest you put a Thomas Guide map in your car for all occasion. Most cellular phones can give you directions if it has Internet.

Cell phones can be slow and unreliable though. Before you make any new trip you have to up direction exactly and print it out or write it down clearly so you don’t get lost. I use to work with a co-worker that get lost to each and everyone of her assignments because she doesn’t uses the map very well. The job requires traveling to a new location every single day and she would risk it by not using the map. It’s not smart according to me. She would get send home from work every single time. She ended up begging the employer to keep her every single time. She didn’t need to risk that much. All she had to do was go on map quest or yahoo or google and write down all of her direction.

For some reason people don’t do what really need to be done. If you don’t know the address to where you’re going, you can search the business name and then obtain the address. After that you can use the address to use in on Yahoo or Google or Map quest. You can even search for a business address at yahoo. Yahoo is good but sometimes they gives you really long direction or the wrong direction. You have to be careful what you type in or else it will give you a very long or wrong address. One time I put in an address kind of wrong it gave me direction that was in another state.

I have had many wrong direction from Yahoo and Google because the map is not 100% perfect. You need to do the final check and check for accuracy and see if it makes sense as to how long it will take you to get there. Google is a good map quest too. Map quest can be good too but it’s kind of slow and redundant. I like Yahoo map the best because I get around very good with Yahoo map.


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