Online Degree Programs Allow Individuals to Achieve a College Degree While Working

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Colleges and universities are offering programs such as online degree programs, degree completion programs and degree acceleration programs to assist working adults with achieving a college degree.

Online degree programs give you the flexibility to live your life and attend school at the same time. Online degree programs are becoming increasingly common with the continued advancement of technology. Through a user interface such as Blackboard, you interact with your teacher and fellow students via computer. You can participate in discussion boards and submit homework assignments.

Because the class is done entirely online, it gives you the flexibility to attend class when it is convenient for you. The teacher will assess a due date and you are given that time to go through the course materials, complete assignments, quizzes and exams.

Blackboard is a common user interface for online degree programs. It has several options that make online classes easier. You can take tests online. The teachers have the option of making them timed tests, multiple submission tests, or one submission only tests. You can get a running total of your grades in the class showing what assignments are graded and your current grade. You can upload your assignments via the drop box and send it directly to the teacher. There are discussion boards for interaction between fellow students. One downside to Blackboard is if your computer crashes during a test, you can be locked out and have to have it reset.

The downsides to enrolling in online degree programs are that you must have internet connection. Students experiencing technical problems are expected to get it fixed in a timely manner and typically are not provided special treatment for the problem. Some courses, such as a math course, may require some form of a sit down exam. If you are attending an online degree program with a nearby brick and mortar school you may have to go there to take the test. For people in online degree programs based out of different states, you may have to obtain a test proctor. This is a trustworthy person such as a minister or employer who will administer the test to you and send it to your instructor.

Some people cannot enroll in online degree programs because their chosen profession doesn’t allow it. This is especially true for law students. California is the only state that doesn’t set their standards in line with the American Bar Association. The ABA doesn’t allow online degree programs.

Some people just aren’t comfortable with the idea getting their degree online. This could be because they are worried about their employment marketability and the stigma attached to online degrees. One way to use online courses to your advantage is to take your general education requirements as online courses through a community college and then transfer them to a 4 year university. This will allow you flexibility but still letting you attend classes at a traditional university. This is also an excellent way to save money since generally community colleges cost less than 4 year universities.

There is a stigma against online degree programs. The impression is that it is a subpar degree in comparison with someone who attending a brick and mortar school. Online degree programs are becoming increasingly popular with working adults and the stigma associated with online degree programs is slowly fading. An increasing amount of public universities are offering online courses and their degree awarded does not indicate it was completed online. Online degree programs are here to stay and employers are slowly starting to realize that.


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