iPod Touch Applications for Writers

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As more people jump on the iPod Touch bandwagon, they will begin to use the device for less conventional uses. The Touch works very well as a PDA as well as a personal entertainment device. Because it is an electronic “notebook” you can password protect it to keep unwanted eyes from prying. The following are some useful applications for writers to use as tools in their writing.

Notebooks is an application that allows you to store “books” and “notes”. It helps you keep your writing organized and is useful in outlining. You can sync Notebooks to your computer using SyncDocs or WebDav. This means you can type something on your Touch and save it to your computer later. You can also take your work from your laptop and put it on your Touch for reference later. One very nice aspect of this software is it allows password protection. It will lock certain books and notes and even hide them from view.

If you use Freemindmind mapping software on your PC, you can get the FreeMindLite application to view the mind maps you already have made. As of this writing, you can’t create mind maps with this software yet.

There are a few free baby name software such as 25,000 Baby Names (by DMBC) that are useful in naming characters.

There are many free thesaurus and dictionaries available in the app store. Freesaurus and Dictionary (by WordWeb) are two free dictionaries that do not require constant wifi access.

Secret Diary is a program that offers a password protected diary. This is useful for free writing and organizing your thoughts. It allows the uploading of photos and even gives the option to note your location at the time of writing in case you need to know where you were later. Another good option for using this program is to organize your thoughts and feelings.

Another good idea for applications are eBook readers. They say in order to be a good writer you must be a voracious reader. Downloading the apps such as eReader, B&N eReader and Kindle keeps your eBooks at your fingertips.

The iPod Touch not only makes a fabulous PDA but it is a very good companion for any aspiring writer.


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