Baby Supplies: A Guide to Bath Time Fun

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It’s important to make bath time as pleasurable as possible for baby in order to ensure a positive association. Giving a screaming baby a bath is never any fun.

What will you need to give your baby a bath? You will need a baby bath tub. These are little basins that are designed to keep baby elevated out of water but still immersed a little bit. They will have a drainage hole to empty water out when you are done and many come with a mini basin on the front to keep water in for rinsing baby.

As an accessory, you can purchase a baby seat for the baby bath tub. This is in essence a smaller seat that goes inside the tub to keep smaller babies more secure. They usually are semi-mesh and can come with designs on them. This is a good idea but is not a requirement.

Baby towels are often an item put on a baby registry. They come in pastels and have cute pictures and hoods on them. If you have them, use them. It’s important to note however that baby towels are not a need. Any towel will work as long as you wrap it snug around baby and their head to keep warmth in. This also applies to baby washcloths as well.

Hygiene products are necessary for baby bath time. Usually you will need baby body wash, baby lotion and a hair brush. Babies tend to have dry skin for awhile after birth and may peel. The lotion will help keep this under control. It is very important to brush your baby’s hair. It may seem silly however it is an effective way to combat cradle cap (baby dandruff).

Toys won’t be necessary at first. Baths will generally be focusing on cleaning in the beginning. As baby becomes more aware of surroundings then use of rattles or rubber ducks can make bath time play fun.

Test a small bit of the water on baby prior to use. If it is too cold, s/he will let you know. Make sure it is not too hot. Always start cooler and work your way warmer.

One recommendation for bath time is to get clothes and diaper ready before you begin bath. The change from warm to cold air can cause urination. The cold will also make baby cry. Have everything on hand and your experience will be much more enjoyable for the both of you.


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