How to Keep Children Motivated

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In any new activity such as school or extra-curricular lessons, children are often excited at the start.  But this initial enthusiasm tends to turn stale after a few weeks of sessions.  This is natural especially with children.  The challenge is keeping this eagerness going even after the initial excitement period.  How then will you keep your child’s motivation up? This is important particularly when the child is enrolled in an after-school enrichment program such as music, arts, and sports courses.

Establish the mindset early on

Make the child understand the importance of studies and the enrichment activities are.  Let him know that a well rounded learning experience contributes to an outstanding career in the future.  Plan family activities that are related to your child’s present subject or topic being studied in order to further develop his interest in his studies.  Find opportunities to emphasize the connection of the real world to academics whenever possible.

Set goals

Through your example, let your child see and learn that perseverance will be rewarded.  If your child learns and believes that achievement is the result of effort, he or she is more likely to persevere towards a goal.  Children who are raised with this positive attitude are less likely to be chronic quitters or drop outs.

Reward success

Reward your child’s achievements; praise is necessary when he or she attains something out of his or her own hard work.  These positive reinforcements go a long way in increasing self esteem and enhancing confidence.


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