How to Groom Your Cat

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Help the cat groom regularly brushing its fur. It will remove the cat’s loose hair and lessens the risk of hairballs. Cats lick their fur instinctively. This causes fur to gather inside them, which eventually turn into hairballs. Many cats have difficulty dislodging the hairballs. If the cat fails to cough out the hairballs, it may cause blockage of the intestines. Serious cases of blockages can be life threatening for a cat.

Long-haired cats need to be brushed or combed daily. Short-haired cats have to be groomed weekly on a weekly basis. Watch for lumps in the coat and skin irritations whenever you brush your cat. Brushing should start along the cat’s back, running the brush from head toward the tail. Do this several times on one

side then repeat it on the other side. Brush each area in the same direction of your cat’s fur growth.

When grooming your cat, avoid brushing the face and paws. A cat may have preferences. If it does not like to be brushed, try using another tool. An excellent alternative to the brush is the grooming glove, because most cats do not mind being brushed with it.

It is advisable to start out young with the cat grooming ritual. This is the secret to grooming your cat, or any pet for that matter. Cats who started being groomed as kittens grow to love it, often, they look forward to their grooming time.

During grooming, don’t forget to check his eyes, ears, teeth and claws. The cat’s eyes should be bright and clear with no dirt or parasite in the corners. The ears should be clean, pinkish, and no traces of mites. A dirty cat’s ear is a breeding place for ear mites. Infestation of mites can result in shriveling up of ears and worse, your cat can lose its hearing. Cats get very annoyed by ear mites. These can burrow under the skin and may be very difficult for you to get rid of it without extra help from a vet or a special medication. The best way to avoid these mites is to keep your cat’s ears clean and healthy.

A cat who is not used to grooming may pose a challenge to the owner. You have to keep trying gently so each grooming session will go a bit further. Always praise and give your cat a treat if it stays still during grooming. Don’t fight with your cat if it doesn’t cooperate or starts to struggle. Instead, let it go and try another time or day. When your cat gets used to being groomed, it will to look forward to it each and every time.


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