Terracina, Italy and the Piazza

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Terracina is a province of Latina, in  the south of the Latium region and mainly it is known for its beach resorts and according to the Italian Wikipedia (http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terracina) it has a population of about forty three thousand and three hundred forty four during a normal calendar year. Historically the province was important due to its strategic location and around 312 B.C. the via Appia was built which is the road that crossed the hill at the back of the promontory by a steep up as well as downhill; the via Appia is still standing with some modifications of course, but the via Appia was an important road which promoted commerce and communication with Ancient Rome.

A lot of the Roman remains and ruins were discovered after World War II and some of them are the arch that used to be the entrance to the  forum (which is now the piazza), and also the walls that protected the town, that were called the Cinta Sillana, and the temple of Jupiter Anxur from where you can have a breathtaking view.

Besides the beach resorts you can catch some ruins here and there from the ancient times such as an arch, the town cathedral’s which was built in 1075 according to the Italian Wikipedia (http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terracina) and had worked done in the twelfth as well as the eighteenth century. However the Piazza in Terracina is the main place to admire and to be, the piazza itself has not had too many changes in the past two thousand years or so and it still seems a Roman forum that it was centuries ago.

That is right; you feel transported back in time and you will feel as though you can see ancient Romans in their togas walking by and discussing philosophy or battle strategies but as soon as you look around you will also get a glimpse of modern buildings near the ancient ones. The piazza still has the original flagstones and the same travertine stones and you can still read the inscriptions: A. Aemilus A.F. in bronze lettering which seems that it was put there recently instead of centuries ago, so one is amazed at the well preserved main piazza of the town of Terracina.

If you go to Terracina today you will see the piazza frolicking with people young, old and tourists especially if you wander by there during the summer months, so you can enjoy the beaches and history all at once.


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