Choosing Between Returning to Work or Staying At Home after Childbirth

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A birth of new child is quite a memorable and ecstatic experience.  To some it is also feels like a woman’s own rebirth.  Your world revolves around your baby.  Everything you do is for the baby.  At this point, work may be the farthest thing from your mind, but eventually you will have to think about it and deal with it head on.  It is debatable in the minds of many women whether they should go back to work or not.

There are a number of important factors to consider when it comes to deciding whether you should return to your work outside the home or stay home after having a baby:

Financial Situation

Money is an issue for many women.  Assess your current financial situation.  Before you gave birth to you baby, were you relying on a shared income with your spouse or partner, or are you on your own in this matter?  Your answer to this question plays an important role on your decision.  Women who decided to make an “about-face” to the corporate life in order to stay home and raise their children themselves have established another source of income.  It should be like a regular pay check—a steady income stream, or a regular financial support from a spouse or partner.

Practicality Factors

Apart from the steady expected income which would make you determine if you should return to work after childbirth, another important issue to examine is the possible savings.   As a mother, you probably will not be at peace to leave your child to just any daycare center.  Unfortunately, the highly recommended and highly rated childcare providers often have high fees, too.  Many parents would pay a hundred dollars or more for a week’s childcare expenses, and that’s only for one child.  Take into consideration the purchased instant snacks, drinks, formula milk for the child, and even the car fuel expense going to and from work.  After assessing and making comparisons, you may even find that it is a cost effective solution to stay at home with your child.

Weighing which is more beneficial

Examine also the undeniable benefits to a child when the mother stays at home.  The formative years of a child, which is from zero to seven years old is a very important stage in his or her development.  Numerous studies have shown, and many experts have stated that children who were in close contact with their parents during this stage have improved developmental skills, social skills, and emotional stability than those who grow up without a parent working with them at all times in this crucial period.  It is important that these factors be considered.

Merging career and home life

A mother who decides to stay home does not need to “just be staying home.”  There are many opportunities at this age for a home-based business in order for you to stay at home with your baby and at the same time, allow you to a earn sustainable income for both you and your child.   Some businesses would only need a computer and an internet access.  These are your options to take into consideration.

Looking at the other option

While there are benefits of staying at home with your child, there are also other benefits to look at should you choose to return to work and leave your children in a highly rated and qualified day care center.  Your child will have the experience of social interaction with other children.  Truth be told also, especially for first time moms, that staying at home is quite a large task 24/7.  There is no bundy-clock where you can time in or time out when the work shift is over.  You have to be on your toes all the time to cater to your child’s needs.  As a result, your personal needs are sometimes neglected especially if you’re a single mom with no one to take care of you.  That is why many mothers decide to go back to the workforce rather than staying at home and raise the child themselves.  Some do it for their own sanity.

These are the considerations you have to look into when deciding whether or not you return to work or stay at home after giving birth.  In both options, there are sacrifices that will have to be made.  The decision is still up to you.


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