Big Bad Bodie: A Real Ghost Town

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Bodie is a ghost town located on the border between Nevada and California. It’s location can be described as being situated out in the middle of nowhere. It has become part of the Bodie State Historic Park. There are no trees growing on the dry grounds of this ghostly area. However, these sandy lands do produce sage brush and antelope brush.

The Bodie ghost town was once a great mining community, producing large amounts of gold. The town was nicknamed Big Bad Bodie as the people suffered from violence and greed, but this town of gold mining was blessed with a booming economy and still remained at least partly civilized.

As the success of the mines dropped and the rich amounts of gold slowly diminished, the population declined with it. Then the majority of the town was lost in a fire, which was the result of a child playing with matches. But, still, there was life within the town, until the last mine was shut down. Afterwards, only six people were left living in Bodie.

One of the men shot and killed his own wife. That man was then murdered by three of the other men still living in the town. It is said that the ghost of that man appeared to the three men who had killed him before those three men died of diseases.

Now Bodie is a ghost town where many of the architectural structures are still standing and in good shape. Some of the buildings and homes date back to the 1800’s.


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