Marilyn Monroe: A Legendary Star

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Marilyn Monroe was born in the Los Angeles County Hospital as Norma Jeane Mortenson on June 1, 1926. Large amounts of her childhood was spent in foster homes because her mother was mentally unstable. She spent time living with relatives as well as strangers. It is known that within this time Marilyn Monroe suffered from mistreatment. The extent of the mistreatment is not fully known, but it is believed that she may have suffered from sexual abuse.

Marilyn Monroe married her husband while she was still teenager. While her husband was in the Merchant Marine, Marilyn Monroe got a job tending to airplane parts and inspecting parachutes. Her picture was taken by an army photographer who encouraged her to pursue modeling by applying to a modeling agency. After finding out that they were more interested in women with lighter hair, Marilyn Monroe changed her hair color from brunette to blonde and later became one of the agency’s most successful models.

In 1946, her modeling career led Marilyn Monroe into a film contract. She was perceived as a stereotypical “dumb blonde” in most of her performances and this persona left her with very little horizon with her film career, but she later broadened her horizons by studying at the Actors Studio and forming Marilyn Monroe Productions.

Marilyn Monroe was a legendary performer. Some of her roles were in films such as All About Eve, How to Marry a Millionaire, The Seven Year Itch, and Bus Stop. Marilyn Monroe also played in a film called Some Like it Hot and her performance in the film earned her a Golden Globe Award.

Marilyn Monroe’s life came to an untimely end on August 5, 1962 when she suffered an overdose of barbiturates. Her death was classified as a probable suicide. However, an accidental overdose was never ruled out as a possibility. It is also thought that another possibility, concerning the death of Marilyn Monroe, is that the star’s death was a homicide.


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