Travel tips: Traveling abroad first

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Travelers should no doubt travel abroad as much as they can first because it’ll be more of a treat then traveling to a familiar place you already know so much about. If you grew up in America you will most likely know so much about all the different state already. You have already heard about it or have seen it on TV many times. The feeling and state of mind will be more arouse if you’re in Italy than in Utah. You can’t wait a single minute to run around Italy and paddle the boats because it’s something that is unique in Italy.

Traveling around your country can be done anytime because it’s easier. You don’t need a passport and it doesn’t cost a lot and you can do it and come back to your house within one or two days therefore you can do it on the weekend. Traveling to another country requires time, money and paperwork, therefore, you should dot it whenever you get the time off and the money to do it. You won’t regret that you can tell your date that you have been to France, Italy, and China. Traveling abroad will change you from the inside out. The memories and experience are priceless.

There is no other feelings that can be equate with hoping on an airplane for three days and walk out into a totally different settings of nature and people. You will amaze for sure and there won’t be any feeling like this. It’s like the feeling of seeing a hundred thousand dollars check giving to you on your birthday. The feelings are indescribable. There is nothing like experiencing the real thing. It’s like eating ice cream instead of having people eat in front of you and tell you how delicious it is.

When you travel abroad you can do some shopping too. The price in some Eastern country is very lower than in America. This is true in Asia, hotels there only cost between $10-30 dollars a night. You can buy a pair of jeans for $2 and you can’t do that in America. You can also buy gold and silver at a very low price. Beside shopping there is nothing more refreshing than the fresh air of a new country. It will sure be very different than the air in the US. The smell of the rice fields, the dampen road, the cow aura, these senses are the best that you can give to yourself.

The photos you will be taking, the recording you will make of all the chimpanzee you see on the street of Asia, you can’t do this in your own country. When you are over sea you will learn a lot about how things can be improve in your own home land. There are better things at every single place that you will visit that you can learn from. Traveling over sea is a priceless experience. It’s something that you will be glad that you did.


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